The Antique & Classic Boat Society: World-Class Woodies

A Special New Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show Attraction

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ACBS shasta rendezvous 2017 by Joel Castro
ACBS Shasta Rendezvous 2017 (photo by Joel Castro)

The Northern California/Lake Tahoe Chapter of The Antique & Classic Boat Society (ACBS) is excited to bring a spectacular array of world-class boats to this year's Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show, Sunday, April 30 at Half Moon Bay Airport.

The ACBS is dedicated to people who love and enjoy classic boats from the polished mahogany runabouts made from the ‘20s through the ‘60s to the classic fiberglass ones that changed the face of pleasure boating. Members are an active community of classic boat enthusiasts from all walks of life. More than twenty of their members will be coming in from all over Northern California to showcase their beautifuly restored boats.

Since its founding in 1975 on the shores of Lake George, New York, The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc. (ACBS) has grown into the largest society in the world dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of classic boats. We embrace all styles of classic wood, fiberglass and metal boats.

With 6,800 family memberships (approximately 11,500 individuals) worldwide, ACBS connects people with the common interest in classic boats to share fellowship, information, experiences, and ideas. Our local Northern California/Lake Tahoe Chapter has more than 450 member families.

The Northern California chapter is one of the most active chapters in the USA with boating events beginning in May and continuing until October, in several locations around Northern California. There is truly something for everyone. Check for yourself at

ACBS Good Stuff
Good Stuff, 1963 Century 19' Resorter
ACBS Green Hornet
Green Hornet, 1979 Philbrick 21' Twin Cockpit Runabout
ACBS Kathryn
Kathryn, 1987 Grand Craft 24' Utility
ACBS Lesn Learned
Les'n Learned, 1962 Chris Craft 20' Holiday
ACBS Mona Lee
Mona Lee, 1990 Chris Craft 24' 1930 Triple Cockpit Model 103 Runabout
ACBS My Girls
My Girls, 1951 Chris Craft 23' Holiday
ACBS Pinks
Pinks, 1957 Chris Craft 21' Continental Hard Top
ACBS Prime Time
Prime Time, 1950 Chris Craft 18' Riviera
ACBS Redhawk
Redhawk, 1929 Chris Craft 24' Triple Cockpit Model 3 Runabout
ACBS Ritz Cracker
Ritz Cracker, 1964 Home Build 12' Cracker Box
Runt of the Litter, 2015 Kid Craft 5' Model Replica
ACBS Scouts Honor
Scouts Honor, 2015 Home Build 17' Glen-L Gentleman Racer
ACBS Shanty II
Shanty II, 1958 Sout/Brooke 32' Hydroplane
ACBS Stay Young
Stay Young, 1959 Century 16' Resorter
ACBS Undecided
Undecided, 1951 Chris Craft 19' Racing Runabout

Pacific Coast Dream Machines

The Coolest Show on Earth
APRIL 30, 2023 - 10am to 4pm
Half Moon Bay (CA) Airport